Regenerative medicine tissue products for orthopaedic use.

An increasing number of sports-related injuries and rising levels of obesity have posed a challenge to conventional medicine. New regenerative approaches are now available to repair damage and diminish the impact orthopaedic injuries can have on the quality of life of a previously healthy and active person.

Biostór supplies high quality orthopaedic products intended for the treatment of soft tissue and bone structure injuries.

Tissue Regenix

ConCelltrate® 100

Osteoinductive bone matrix for the treatment of skeletal defects

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MatrixCellect® 100 DBM

Demineralised Bone Matrix for the treatment of skeletal defects

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Matrix OI® Fillers

Demineralised bone matrix containing mineralised cancellous fibres

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Matrix OI® Strips and Blocks

Compressible Stem Cell Containment™ human scaffold

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Decellularized dermal allograft used to treat soft tissue defects

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